What Is a Virtual Party

If you are like me, you are completely confused about hosting a virtual party. If you are going to host a party, how would it be virtual?

Well, the answer if very simply. You’re basically sharing a link you get when you sign up to host a virtual party.

So, if you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on Facebook, twitter, or any of the other social media site. You also read but completely ignore what other people put on those sites. The last thing you want to go it spam on your Facebook page. How is the Younique virtual party different?

It’s different because you don’t have to make fake claims to get people to look at what your doing. You’re not making claims of amazing weight loss or an amazing business opportunity. Yes, you know the people I am talking about.



All you have to do is register a virtual party. Then, just tell people you started a virtual party with the link you get. People will click out of curiosity. They’ll even ask you about the makeup. And the best reason is that you don’t need to tell people what to do. They will do it because the Younique products are awesome.

What do you get when you host a virtual party?

The next question is what do you get when you host a virtual party? The obvious answer is free makeup! Yes, when your friends order Younique makeup from your virtual party, you get points towards free makeup of your own. And the points add up quickly, not like other companies. You basically get 10% of the sales to then order your makeup. So, if you get 10 people to order $50 of makeup each, you will get $50 of free makeup for sharing 1 link. If you have multiple circles of friends, you can set up a different party for every group.

You are going to order makeup anyway, why not get it for free?

Starting a Younique Virtual Party is quick, easy, fun, and you’ll love the rewards. I promise.

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